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Thursday, 6 November 2014

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Comr Atti J Moses(Aluta General) make a public proclamations that he don not believe any word from the gov of Bayelsa state in respect of promises in the education sector

Comr Atti J Moses
GOVERNOR SERIAKE DICKSON, I DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS ABOUT EDUCATION: He has directed the scholarship board to pay Bayelsa state students bursary immediately starting from monday 10/11/2014 in respond to the ultimate of 10 days that we gave to him (3days fasting and 7 days observation of the process). we gave him an Ultimatum to pay our bursary or else..........
anyway as for now i don't believe any thing he says until is empirically verifiable

Comr Atti J Moses(Aluta General).


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