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Monday, 12 January 2015

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‎Hmmmmm who would have thought WATER SKI and WAKEBOARD SPORTS will
become a prominent trend in Nigeria! It sounds foreign but this has
been brought as a full sporting/leisure package to our Motherland.

The lady responsible for this is no other that Television Personality;
Ambassador Rachel Bakam, Multiple award winning Ambassador of Peace,
Goodwill, Tourism and Culture. She is the Producer & Presenter of
highly rated Programmes; TRENDS & RACHEL, YANAYIN ZAMANI da RACHEL and
RACHEL the PIPER where she strives towards blowing the positive music
of 'change and development' even while teasing, playing with,
enlightening and entertaining her beloved audience. Rachel Bakam
canvasses the world relating, sharing culture/lifestyle, preaching
peace/unity and calling on investors to come plow into her very
fertile/fruitful Fascinating Country Nigeria. Recently,to reward her
zeal and work towards drawing tourism and investments to her Country
Nigeria, Amb. RACHEL BAKAM'S activities were noted by international
bodies during her Globetrotting campaign towards wooing international
investors. After traveling round and visiting a number of Water Ski &
Wakeboard facilities in Abu Dhabi-UAE, Austria and Germany, she
recognized the full potential of this sport and how it will affect
Nigeria positively. Rachel is a proponent of Peace, Unity and positive
development. She is a firm believer in the notion that with more
exciting/engaging leisure activities and jobs, idleness will be
curbed, people will come together to have a great time rather than
fight. With this in mind, when she met Mr Uwe Goldstein, World
Chairman Cable Water ski & Wakeboard Development Committee as well
Europe & Africa, Member of World Cup Management Committee, Cable
Wakeboard World Council, Europe & Africa Wakeboard Council. Mr Uwe is
deeply interested in developing the Sport in Nigeria and Africa. He
introduced the sport and prospects to her. Rachel got interested. She
put her energy into partnering with him to bring this very foreign but
exciting and highly beneficial sport to Nigeria; Water Ski and
Wakeboard. She is now the founder of Water Ski and Wakeboard
Federation in Nigeria. Due to the potential, passion and zeal Uwe saw
in her, he spurred, encouraged, supported and nominated her; Rachel
Bakam was given the platform to be the Founder/President Nigerian
Waterski and Wakeboard Federation by the IWWF. The official
inauguration Ceremony will hold on the 8th of January 2015proudly
hosted by the Ministry of Sports, National Sports Commission and
supported by the National Olympics Committee. IWWF is the
International Regulatory body promoting Water Skiing, Wakeboarding and
other Water Sports, setting the official rules of Water Skiing and
OfficialTournaments, coordinating the work of National Federations.
Before 2009, the IWWF had the name IWSF. It was renamed at the
congress 2009 in Calgary.

As a build up to the official inauguration, Rachel and her RAYZEDS
MEDIA LTD Team along with some interim officials of the NIGERIAN WATER
SKI & WAKEBOARD FEDERATION NWWF warmly received and welcomed the
IWWF from Germany Mr Uwe Goldstein. They waited eagerly for him grand
style with an able crew on ground recording every bit of this
history-making event. Mr Uwe arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport
Abuja on the evening of the
14th of December 2014. On arrival, even before settling in the hotel,
Rachel and her team took him to some prospective clients to discuss
and inspect possible options/sites for the establishment of Water Ski
and Wakeboard Facilities in Nigeria. Rachel and her team treated him
to the best of Nigerian hospitality and food. Commendably, he
comfortably had goat meat pepper soup without flinching then went on
to pass more cultural tests by engaging Pounded Yam, Okro and Snail
comfortably without choking or stomach upsets. Well done Uwe
Goldstein. Nigeria welcomes you and the Water Ski and Wakeboard Sports
with open arms.

Prior to his coming, Amb. Rachel Bakam and her team had held meetings
with the Honourable Minister of Sports/Chairman, National Sports
Commission, Dr Tammy Wenike Danagogo to introduce the Sports and the
intentions for Nigeria. He was very excited and embraced this new
development. Same did
Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye who is the Director General of the National
Sports Commission, Nigeria. Engr. Habu Gumel who has just been elected
as the new president of the Nigeria Olympic Committee(NOC) also
embraced this development offering his full support. All these bodies
came together to support Rachel herald the official establishment of
this new and fascinating Sport in Nigeria.

Moving forward, the Ministry of Sports in Nigeria, the National Sports
Commission, the National Olympics Commitee, the IWWF/partners
represented by Uwe Goldstein (Patron NWWF), Rachel and the new team
that will be inducted as Board of Directors NWWF and Patrons will
introduce the water ski and wakeboard facilities in Nigeria with the
aim of contributing positively to the country's sports and tourism
potential. All towards engaging the people more positively by means of
sports and leisure. The aim is also to create job opportunities and
make it possible for a lot of young people to be empowered by sending
them abroad to further their studies and improve their potentials in
the area of this water sport.

The highly anticipated official inauguration of this unique federation
holds at 11am on the 19th of January 2015 at the National Sports
Commission complex located in the National Stadium Abuja-Nigeria.

After which the Federation will be introduced at the European and
African Congress set to hold in France on the 29th of January. The
Founder and President will run a video on the podium in front of all
the attendees introducing the NWWF and it's objectives.

We are excited! Well done Uwe Goldstein! Well done Ambassador Rachel
Bakam aka Rachel the PIPER!




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