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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

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Election is the mechanism through which citizens choose their representatives. Electoral violence refers to violence that is directly or indirectly connected to protest against an election.
It is well known that the causes of electoral violence include the lack of independence of electoral bodies, lack of confidence in the electoral process, abuse of incumbency,ethno-religious politics and misguided media reports.
The fact reminds that election violence leads to destruction of economic infrastructure and scares away the much needed foreign investments. It has become a norm the elections in Nigeria are associated with tension between groups.
But if we have learned from the mistakes of our previous elections with the view to hold a free & fair election come Feb. 14, 2015. There are still questions to be answered.
Whose responsibility is it to prevent election violence? Is it the task of the political parties and their supporters or official duty of the government /election management?

* It is the responsibility of all political actors to ensure that rules of the electoral game are respected to ensure violence free election.
* Election management body also has the responsibility to assert it's independence by resisting attempts by either the govt. Or political parties to influence it unduly.

* Political parties have the responsibility to educate their member against lawless acts that will disturb the peace before, during and after the election.
* The media also has a responsibility to refrain from hyping baseless allegations that will heighten political tension.
Finally, the voting public and society responsibility to reject any and all attempts to buy their votes, take part in vote rigging or street protest that have no base.
Therefore all hands must be on desk to ensure a hitch free election this time.
We all have to come out and vote peacefully.

(MCA 2014)
pereye Okorowanta


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