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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

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How true was Henry Okah involved in the October
1st bomb blast in Abuja?
I was chocked when the news came, knowing
Bombing or killing has truly not been the (Izon
man) culture of the Ijaw man.
12 persons according to security reports were
killed that faithful day.

Among the accused were Edmund Ebiwari, & Obi

Ebiwari was specially alleged to have exchanged
incriminating text message with erstwhile
Director-General of the Ibrahim Badamasi
Babangida, IBB, Campaign Organisation &
Chairman of Daar Communication,
Chief Raymond Dokpesi, prior to the twin bomb
blasts at Eagle Square, in Abuja.

First when I looked at the caliber of names
mentioned, I doubt the investigations.
Do you actually think such text messages showed
proves & few persons only payed the penalty?
Where's the man from whose phone the
messages where discovered?

Was he arrested along, what was his respond to
Ebiwari, what connects them, or from which point
do they start communications?
The truth is that you can't walk away from your

No matter how long you detain a man, without fair
justice injuries are never forgotten.

The greatest tyranny in the world is not terrorism,
but fighting terrorism with terrorism.

How do you win a war with war?
There's no jail in the world that'll end all crisis.
Today, Northern Elders & govenors has called for
the extension of the Niger Delta Amnesty
Programme to Boko Haram suspects for killing &
kidnapping dozens of Nigerians.

Ijaw People must wake up now & stand the times
as is never in history.

Call for the "FREE" of Henry Okah & others.
Enlighten your minds now, let the sleeping raise,
let the raisen walk to the streets.

I have started consultations, but without your
supports, one man alone can't make a region.
I will visit Alamieyesegha, Tompolo, Tom Ateke,
Ankio Briggs, & other great people
of Ijaw land for this same purpose, & your support
is needed, on Newspapers,
continue to speak, on Radio, don't relent, on TV,
keep the hope, & on Social Media, continue the
goal of unity.




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