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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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We have over the years understand that so many aspiring pageant girls find it difficult to understand the basics and how a pageant is been judge. though this days every pageant has its own different criteria and what they need for or from any beauty queen, FROM PFLAMEZ ENTERTAINMENT We have outline some steps to take in winning a beauty pageant. note: this is not a guarantee that following this steps in all pageant will give you the crown Have you ever wanted to be Miss anything in Nigeria? Well, here's your chance! Now you can learn how to beat the competition and get in touch with your inner beauty queen. *STEP 1 Find a pageant that you could qualify for and apply. There are many different pageants open to many different contestants. For example, if you're uncomfortable working with boys, enter a female-only one.as there are pageants for MR AND MISS OR JUST MISS AND EVEN MRS, MS. STEP 2 Whip your body into shape by eating healthy and exercising. This will give your body that toned look to get you extra marks. STEP 3 Get a pageant coach to teach you skills and ways to walk, act, and look throughout a pageant, Preferably joining a modeling agency close to you. STEP 4 Choose an appropriate skill to practice and demonstrate and to highlight your talent, Unfortunately, many aspiring beauty pageant queens don't have a talent and usually sing or dance, you can choose from anything creative that comes into your head and practice to perfect. STEP 5 Prepare an Emergency Pageant Kit which should include essentials such as: A dress for each round Curling/straightening iron Extra emergency jewelry (preferably both gold and silver)that will go with anything, including emergency dress false eyelashes fake nails and nail glue A natural wig Rubber head cover to keep it in and foam head for wig when not in use Flipper for missing or chipped teeth Fabric glue gun and glue sticks Hair straightener Hairspray Hot rollers A good collection of quality makeup Sewing kit Shoe covers Skin shimmer/body glitter Wipes Most of the items listed above are optional, but often are well used. STEP 6 NOW you are set for auditions, in the audition ensure you look at your best, wearing the desire cloths requested by the pageant, but ensure it does show your size, and shape, you can also carry extra heels ( optional) STEP 7 Remember you have rehearse all you need to know before coming to the audition ground, so confidence must be your watch word all through your interview section. NOTE Yes and no. They will judge your looks to a certain extent, but they are also looking for sassy attitudes, nice smiles, and confidence. They also look at your modeling skills and talents. TO BE CONTINUE


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